How to choose - faucet

Faucet is the "conductor" of water, with the highest frequency of use. There are various shapes and models of faucet. Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing a Faucet:
Material: whether pure copper is used for chrome plating. Get rid of the shortcomings of the traditional faucet caused by water rust due to long-term immersion.
Valve element: the "heart" of the faucet, which determines the service life of the faucet and the effect of water outflow. Ceramic trim is preferred. The ceramic valve core rotates relative to two pieces of extremely smooth grinding ceramic pieces. The flow of hot and cold water is controlled and the temperature of water is adjusted by the change of the hole area between the two pieces. This kind of valve core has no pollution to the water, and has good control to the flow size, and has good water-saving effect.
Outlet filter screen: the outlet of the general faucet is equipped with a rectification net cover, and the good faucet outlet products have double-layer filter screen, so that the outlet is smooth and free of splashing, accompanied by bubbles, saving water by 30%, so that consumers can fully experience the fun of water use.
Surface treatment: the chrome coating shall be maintained for a long time without special maintenance. A good faucet has 3 layers of electroplating. The electrodeposited layer is uniform, bright and spotless, with good mirror effect and no peeling for life.

How to choose bathtub

Material: the bathtub is made of acrylic, steel plate and cast iron.
Cast iron cylinder is very heavy, durable, long service life, but the construction is difficult and the price is expensive. The steel plate bathtub has the advantages of firmness, wear resistance, high flatness, smooth glaze and bright appearance; the price is relatively lower than that of the cast iron cylinder.
With the consideration of technology and environmental protection, acrylic bathtub will be the mainstream. Acrylic cylinder is made of 3-5mm acrylic plate vacuum film, and the back is reinforced with multi-layer glass fiber. It has various specifications, bright color and moderate price. It is characterized by heat preservation, smooth surface, easy cleaning and decontamination.
Drain valve: the drain valve is provided separately. This part is easy to be ignored and the most problematic. When buying bathtubs, we must try to install the drain valve on the spot, operate it several times, check whether the switch is sensitive and reliable, and the best material is pure copper or PVC.
Antiskid surface: the bottom of the bathtub must have a antiskid surface to ensure your safety.
Style: the consideration of style refers to whether it is matched with other bathroom equipment.