What if the shower head drips water?
  • Date:2022-01-10
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I don't know if you have encountered a similar problem, that is, after taking a bath and turning off the shower, it still trickles out. Sometimes after they have been turned off for a long time, the water suddenly comes out, but it doesn't flow every time. What is the reason? What if the shower head drips water?

Causes of dripping of shower nozzle
1. Thermal expansion and cold contraction
When water is heated, dripping sometimes occurs. This phenomenon will be reduced when the weather is cold and the water temperature is low. The reason is that when the temperature is high, the volume of water becomes larger and overflows. Such dripping is a normal phenomenon and does not need to be treated.
2. Atmospheric pressure
Sometimes, after turning off the shower head, you will find that there is a short drip. This may be due to atmospheric pressure. After you take a bath and turn off the nozzle, there is still some water in it, which can not flow out in time due to atmospheric pressure. When changes occur, the remaining water will flow out. The larger the, the more likely it is to happen.
3. Magazines and sediments
After the shower nozzle is used for a long time, magazines will be deposited in it, resulting in blockage, resulting in water dripping because the water cannot be drained in time.
4. Loose parts
The shower head is loose after long-term use.

What if the shower head drips water
If you know what causes the dripping of shower head, you can apply the remedy to the case. If the atmospheric pressure parts are loose due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, you can ignore it. The key is to see what to do about the leakage of shower head caused by impurities and sediments, but the leakage caused by impurities and sediments should also be handled in different parts.
1. Leakage caused by impurity deposition at the steering ball of shower nozzle: unscrew the nozzle from the steering ball ring, find out the O-ring (this ring can prevent water leakage) or similar seals, clean the impurities on it, or replace it with a new O-ring.
2. Leakage caused by the handle of shower head: use binding band pliers to unscrew the handle of shower head from the hose. If other wrenches are used, tie the hose with tape to prevent it from being scratched. Clean the sediment around the thread on the handle, apply the plumber's adhesive or tie the plumber's tape around, turn the nozzle back and tighten it by hand.

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