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  • Date:2020-03-03
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Women's washing machine is a kind of sanitary ware product specially designed for women considering the special situation of women. What kind of sanitary ware is the specific one and how to use it?
Women's washing machine is specially designed for women's sanitary products. The appearance of the clean body basin is similar to that of the toilet, but it is also like the washbasin equipped with a faucet nozzle. There are cold and hot water options. There are two types of direct spray and down spray.
Considering that women's urethra and anus are very close to vagina, using toilet paper can't really thoroughly clean! Women's washing machine has the function of meticulous cleaning and warm air drying, which can effectively maintain women's health and keep fresh at all times. In particular, it can dispel the peculiar smell of private parts and prevent gynecological diseases, which has good effect and makes clean women more confident.
Women's washing machine is generally designed in a round shape, similar to the toilet, mostly of ceramic texture. The clean white gives a clean, beautiful and generous feeling, with a variety of functions such as clean, clean and quiet. For all women.
Diagram of using method of washing machine
Women's washing machine is to use faucet nozzle to wash women's private places. Such cleaning will be much cleaner than general scrubbing. You can also add medicine to the women's washing machine for sitting bath. The cleaning effect is also good.
This time I asked you specifically that the women's washing machine is really used by women to wash their lower body. It's a bit like a wash basin, but it's about the same height as the toilet. There are two water outlets, one at the back, one at the bottom. The one at the back is used to clean the anus. The one at the bottom can directly flush to the front. Now it's really more and more humanized. It's much more convenient and sanitary than using a basin or taking a bath every day, However, if the bathroom is small in general, it may not be practical, because it takes up as much as 1 square meter like a toilet, and I think this kind of thing should be placed in a slightly hidden position. If there are two bathrooms, it can be placed in the main bathroom.
Why do I use the washing machine
In puberty women, the level of estrogen is high, metabolism is vigorous, the secretion of vulva is increased, and bacteria are easy to breed and reproduce.
Although young women have strong resistance, their unclean health habits will not cause diseases immediately, but they will have a variety of potential diseases. When they show pain in the middle and old age, they will regret later. Therefore, only by persisting in warm water cleaning can we eliminate potential diseases and ensure health.
During pregnancy, women's physical strength drops, easily causing urinary tract infection, which will seriously affect their own and baby's health. Basin washing does not meet the health requirements. The change of body shape makes squatting cleaning difficult. A little carelessness may increase the risk of pregnancy women slipping and oppressing the fetus.
Postpartum women need to keep clean from time to time, because the lower body of postpartum, even normal delivery, how many will be damaged, do not clean easily wound infection, severely affect the recovery of postpartum and future health. However, due to the weakness of the body after childbirth, squatting is not convenient, using the woman washing machine, simple and convenient can keep clean at all times, and effectively prevent postpartum infection!
Menopause and elderly women, the level of estrogen decreased, self-defense function suffered damage, only timely cleaning can effectively avoid the invasion of gynecological diseases, the use of women's washing machine can effectively improve local blood circulation, improve the body's resistance to disease!


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