Four Ways to Solve Sprinkler Cleaning
  • Date:2023-08-23
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Due to prolonged use, the showerhead may experience internal fouling and blockage of the shower hole, resulting in a decrease in water flow. So, some people tend to use strong acids for cleaning when increasing cleaning efforts. However, this approach not only corrodes the shower, but also causes secondary damage. Therefore, to avoid damage to the shower, you must learn these cleaning methods!
Soak in vinegar: First prepare some white vinegar, then pour the vinegar into a basin and immerse the shower head in the vinegar. After 10 minutes, the dirt in the water of the shower head can be removed.
Using lubricants: If the metal of the shower head rusts and causes severe blockage, rust removal and rust prevention lubricants can be used to separate the rusted layer from the metal layer and generate a protective film. If your shower is made of stainless steel, it would be very suitable.
Acupuncture: When cleaning, insert the needle into the outlet hole one by one, causing the scale to fall off from the outlet hole. Then, pour water into the nozzle from the inlet, shake and clean, and pour out the water. This way, the scale can be thoroughly cleaned.
Rubbing the nozzle: Nowadays, many showerheads choose soft thermoplastic elastomers as their nozzle. For such a showerhead, simply gently knead the faucet to crush impurities, repeat 2-3 times, and rinse with water.
But when cleaning, pay attention to:
1. When using a shower, attention should be paid not to use too much force, and the hose connected to the shower should not be bent or even damaged.
When cleaning the shower, if you encounter stains that are difficult to remove, you can cut a fresh lemon slice to wipe off the stains. Do not use strong acid liquids for soaking and cleaning to avoid corrosion of the shower.
If your shower is used for a long time, dirt will accumulate inside, accumulating many harmful bacteria and impurities. It is recommended to replace it to avoid affecting your health.

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