Do you really understand smart shower heads?
  • Date:2023-12-23
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With the increasing improvement of living standards and the development of technology, there are also more and more technological products in people's lives, ranging from a pen to smart villas and so on. So today, the editor will talk to you about the most frequently used item in the bathroom - a shower. Showers are not unfamiliar to everyone, almost every household has them, but with the improvement of living standards, more and more people will choose high-end showerheads - intelligent showerheads, thermostatic showerheads, etc.

What is the definition of a constant temperature shower?
As the name suggests, it refers to a shower that can automatically and consistently control the outlet temperature. Its working principle core - a highly sensitive thermal element, automatically adjusts the mixed water ratio of cold and hot water through the physical principle of thermal expansion and contraction, ensuring stable water temperature.

Characteristics of Constant Temperature Shower
① Efficient: One key constant temperature, very convenient to operate. Once the temperature is set, there is no need to repeat the action, reducing the traditional repetitive operation of the cold and hot water mixing handle. Improve efficiency while saving time.
② Intelligent constant temperature: The temperature of the water outlet is automatically controlled through thermosensitive elements, with extremely short response time and stable temperature, avoiding traditional fluctuations in temperature and making the shower smoother.
③ Constant current and constant pressure: Firstly, Yibaiting comes standard with an imported Swiss Newper constant flow check valve to ensure constant water flow; The second is the standard Spanish track valve core and the French original imported VERNET temperature resistant valve core, which come with a constant pressure device and can automatically control water flow, effectively reducing the impact of environmental water pressure.
④ Safe and reliable: The thermostatic showerhead is equipped with a high temperature warning button. If the body temperature exceeds 38 degrees, it must be pressed hard to operate, which can effectively prevent the elderly and children from being accidentally touched and causing instant high temperature burns!
Shortcomings of constant temperature shower and high cooling
① Price expensive: An excellent constant temperature product, due to its complex process and high cost, is generally priced higher than traditional showerheads.
② There are requirements for water quality: if the water quality is poor and there are too many scale impurities, it will cause the thermal sensitive components inside to be easily damaged and clog the valve core over time. Therefore, regular inspection and cleaning are necessary.
③ It is not suitable when the inlet environmental pressure is too small: for example, if one of the solar or hot and cold water pipes is cut off, the constant temperature valve core will automatically cut off the protection and stop the water outlet.
Other hot topics related to thermostatic showerheads
① What are the special requirements for installing a constant temperature shower?
Answer: The direction of hot and cold water cannot be connected incorrectly! The standard pre embedded PPR head must be left hot and right cold. Connecting incorrectly can cause the valve core to stop flowing water.
② Does a constant temperature shower have high requirements for water quality?
Answer: Generally, the municipal tap water environment in a normal home is suitable. But if the water quality is too poor, it may not work, such as in rural areas with severe scale, or in self connected unfiltered water sources!
③ Can't a solar water heater use a constant temperature shower?
Answer: This is not absolute, as long as the water pressure of some solar water heaters is too low and the temperature difference is too large, it will cause a large difference in cold and hot water pressure, which will cause the constant temperature valve core to stop working.
④ Can a constant temperature shower be used in a constant temperature water heater environment?
Answer: It is normal, but pay attention to setting the parameters on the water heater to avoid conflicts that may cause the constant temperature valve core to stop working.
⑤ Routine maintenance and service life of valve core
Answer: Regularly check the water flow rate to ensure that the inlet filter and valve core filter are not clogged with scale or debris;

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